World Cup Tournament – Details!

The inaugural Locks Heath Lions World Cup Tournament kicks off on Saturday 21st June. Details have been published including teams and the “boot exchange”.

On 21st June, the World Cup Tournament will start at 9.30am so players and parents should arrive at 9am. Please note that Brookfield does not open until 9am!

After a pre match brief, the games will begin with finals being played between 12.45pm and 1pm. There will be food and drink available  to be purchased on the day.

This year we are introducing a “boot exchange”. This is where we would like parents to donate outgrown pairs of football boots or astro turf trainers that are in good condition and clean, and donate them top the club. Other parents and players can then select a pair of these boots in exchange for a donation to the club to help us meet our growing running costs. Bring your boots to the designated area on the World Cup Day.

Please note your team colour and ensure whichever team you are in, you wear a shirt of that colour….

You can download the full teams and colours here: NEW! This file has been updated Click to download