Charity Football Match

A charity football match is being held on the 28th September at Eastleigh FC to raise money for the Evelyn Rose Appeal. The game will kick off at 2pm and features an All Stars Team of former Southampton and Portsmouth players including Matt Le Tissier, Wayne Bridge, Paul Walsh, Darren Anderton, Jason Dodd, Jo Tessem and others.

Born with a genetic condition so rare it is thought only 42 people suffer from it, Evelyn Rose has defied the odds to survive. Evelyn has brain damage as a result of severe intractable epilepsy and she is unable to lift her head or talk.

At her worst the two-and-a-half-year-old has fitted more than 300 times a day. She has endured a collapsed lung and pneumonia as well as side effects from the mass of medication she takes including a blood clot in her heart and kidney stones. And in March her parents Debbie, 39, and Elliot, 41, were dealt the most heartbreaking news imaginable. Doctors said she was unlikely to survive longer than a few weeks.

The youngster, whose condition continues to baffle medics, is now writing her own medical history because no matter how bad it gets, she has bounced back with a smile on her face.

Her family are prepared for the unspeakable and know any moment they may have to say goodbye to their little girl.

As well as the football there is a bouncy castle, face painting, candy floss and a raffle. There are mascot opportunities available too. Tickets are £5 for adults and £1 for children. All proceeds to to the Evelyn Rose appeal. Find out more about this little girl here:

You can buy tickets on the day or in advance from Roger and Jenny Sherwood by calling 07841 471773.